We believe that sport plays an integral role in the development of all young people. It leads to improved fitness, health and well-being, concentration span, attitude and academic achievement. Most importantly, however, we believe sport can give our young people experiences they would not otherwise have.

In order to enable our young people to experience the most wide-ranging opportunities possible, we run the “BIG 3” programme. The BIG 3 centres around three sports – Rowing, Volleyball and Karate – which we believe contribute to this trust-wide focus on improving the lives of the students in our care. These sports offer students with different skills and natural abilities, the opportunity to try something completely different and to rise to the very top of their sport as young athletes.

Karate at Gorse

Karate is an exciting and unique sporting opportunity that is available to the community of The GORSE Academies Trust. The programme has been instilled across the trust since 2018. In this time, we have had huge success and would like to continue with this as we grow. We are always working towards our overall aim of becoming a Karate centre of excellence with a successful grading programme and a competitive sparring programme.


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Latest News

More sparring fixtures!

Over the last week, we have seen two more sparring fixtures take place. In both of these fixtures, we saw all students show great ability, control and respect throughout the events. On Thursday the 24th, we had Bruntcliffe Academy travelling to The Morley Academy. A standout for myself and I…

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