In September 2018 GORSE Karate was founded and introduced into The GORSE Academies Trust as one of The BIG Three. Karate was introduced with the intention to bring something completely different to any other sport.

Since Karate was introduced, we have seen hundreds of student’s complete multiple gradings in Karate along with many students competing in fixtures across the trust. Nine of our exceptional students competed in the West Yorkshire open this Winter to which we left with one 1st place, one 2nd place and three 3rd places.

Our style of Karate is Wado Ryu, within this we have two very different sections that students can choose to focus on or indeed tackle both.

The first is Kion (Technique) and Kata (Form), these make up our grading syllabus taking students from absolute beginners to 1st Dan black belt within 5 years of continuous training.

The second is Kumite (Fighting), for this, we hold multiple fixtures across the year. The best fighters in this year will then be entered into the West Yorkshire Open in Winter, if they are successful in this event, they will be entered into a British Open competition in Spring.

Our aim is for students to take up Karate in either one of our Primary Academies or in Year 7 at one of our Secondary Academies and to achieve their Cadet 1st Dan black belt before they leave their academy.

Our Karate coach (Matt Blakeway) first started Karate in 2000, in 2006 he received his Cadet 1st Dan. Since then, our coach has set up his own Karate club in Selby and achieved his Senior 1st Dan, followed by his 2nd Dan and in 2017 his 3rd Dan. Our Karate coach has also train and fought in Ju-Jitsu and Muay Thai.

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