Health matters. It has the power to influence a person’s life expectancy, happiness and academic attainment. Here at The GORSE Academies Trust we recognise its importance and are making a commitment to improve the health of the young people we work with.

In order to improve the health, habits and happiness of our community, we have founded the GORSE gets Healthy initiative. We are so proud to be equipping students and staff alike with the education and opportunities they need to achieve healthier, more active lifestyles that will vastly improve lives for years to come.

In realising the importance of developing the community’s health, The GORSE Academies Trust identifies how sport and competition can play a crucial role in engaging young people in living a healthy lifestyle. Our aim is to use the GORSE Games and The BIG 3 Sports to contribute to this trust wide focus.

As you explore our website, you will find information about GORSE gets Healthy, The BIG 3 Sports and GORSE Games, which will not only give you the tools to succeed but most importantly the desire to join us in becoming healthier.

We encourage you to support your child by making steps forward in improving your health together.