Why exercise

The effects of lack of exercise

There are many possible negative effects as a result of not doing enough physical activity. These include heart disease and high blood pressure due to weight gain, type 2 diabetes, poor mental health and decreased social interactions to name but a few.

Decreased amounts of physical exercise can also lead to weaker bones and increased risk of injury, leading to time off school and poorer attainment.

1 in 6

According to the government website physical inactivity is responsible for 1 In 6 UK deaths.

The benefits of physical activity

Physical activity increases our metabolism, allowing us to manage weight better.

If we get enough physical activity, we will experience better mental health including reduced anxiety due to the release of endorphins (the feel good hormone).

Those of us who get enough physical activity will experience better sleep, leading to further improved feelings of mental wellbeing, as well as an ability to retain information more effectively.

Choose the healthy option

Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk or cycle to school with an adult instead of going by car, walk the dog or walk with friends.

How to change habits to ensure you get enough physical activity

We thought it would be a good idea to explore some simple tips.

  • Plan exercise into your day.
  • Try signing up for an extracurricular club at school or exploring the wide range of sporting clubs/ physical activity classes in your local community.
  • Find something you enjoy! You may need to try lots of different activities, but there is definitely something enjoyable out there for everybody.
  • Exercise with a friend or family member.
  • See below for links to fun workouts and fitness challenges, as well as a range of clubs available to you in your local area.

GGH Workouts

Why not try one of the GGH workouts on the GGH YouTube channel.

Looking for something fun and active to do, why not try some of the GGH fitness challenges.

Local Activities

Are you looking for activities taking place in your local area, why not try some of these exciting clubs?





Exercise Plans

Here you can find week-by-week exercise plans, programmed by HD and professional personal trainers.

Each week will have a set of instructional videos to guide you along your way.

Ryecroft Academy

Hillcrest Academy

Morley Newland Academy

Richmond Hill Academy

The Farnley Academy

The Ruth Gorse Academy

The Morley Academy & Bruntcliffe Academy

Boston Spa Academy