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I’m Darren,

Welcome to the hd inclusive workout programme. I have been creating bespoke exercises programmes and educating in nutrition and all round health for over 15 years.

With that experience I have come to realise what people really need is consistency within their training routine. This programme is an introduction in to how simply following structure and doing things consistently creates results! Those results can come in many different forms, whether that is increased fitness levels, feeling better or looking better.

The programme is designed for anyone who currently has gym experience and a basic understanding of gym based exercise. The programme also offers scaled versions throughout to tailor to suit your needs. That being said it is also that simple that with in an hour or 2 with a good coach you would be competent in all these movements! I have also included supporting video alongside the programme to help you understand what each exercise should look like.

When exercising remember to keep good form, concentrate on the ability to exercise long term, we do not want any injuries as that is a road block to progress…

I hope you enjoy and if you need any support or further guidance please do not hesitate to contact me on [email protected]

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