Volleyball England’s ‘Last 8’ competition

Over the past three weekends, our U18s, U16s and U15 teams have all competed at the National Volleyball Centre in Volleyball England’s ‘Last 8’ competition.

Please see full report from Coach Brown, with some fantastic news and further updates. Volleyball really is going from strength to strength, and everyone should be very proud of GORSE achievements. Thank you as always to Elaine, Pete and the team.

Five of our six teams made it to the semi-finals and we are thrilled to announce our U16 boys and U15 girls have earned their golden ticket to the 2024 Volleyball England National Finals!!! The U16 boys will face Boswells School on Saturday 20 April at 11am, and the U15 girls will compete against Richmond on Sunday 21 April at 4pm at the National Volleyball Centre in Kettering.

Additionally, our U18 boys, U16 girls and U15 boys are now ranked 3rd in the country in each of these age groups, and the second U15 boys team won silver in the silver bracket. We are immensely proud of the home-grown talent and ambitious student athlete culture developed through the Leeds GORSE partnership.

As this partnership is evolving every year, GORSE and Leeds Gorse VC are once again finalists for the 2024 Leeds Sport Awards Beacons of the City School Achievement award, and Pete and I are also finalists for the Leeds Sport Awards Champions of the City Performance Coach award! The event will take place at the Centenary Pavilion, Elland Road on Thursday 25th April.

Volleyball GORSE Games will kick off this Thursday with year 9s at TRGA at 4pm. Staff members are welcome to come support. Last week, we held the annual 6v6 year 10-11 tournament at TRGA and the atmosphere in the sports hall was spectacular with student enthusiasm through the roof and the biggest attendance from staff we have ever seen! Thank you, teachers, for your support! We hope to keep elevating volleyball at each event we hold.

On Wednesday, Elliott Hudson College will compete in the National Semi-Finals of the AOC Cup at 3pm at The Stephen Longfellow Academy. If you are free, the team would love supporters. If you would like to attend, chairs and benches will be available on the side of the hall across from the teams and coaches.

Next weekend, the top students from GORSE will be representing Leeds at the Cornacchia World Volleyball Cup in Italy! We are excited for our students to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity and know this experience will open the door to a whole new level of international play. Please be sure to wish the following students good luck:

Lauren Thorn, BA
Emmanuel Oretoye, TFA
Joshua Cosgrove, TFA
Fola Alasade, TFA
Max Olbison, BSA
Portia Asante, TRGA
Daniella Tchandeu, TRGA
Krystina Ngatcha, TRGA
Ioannis Dimitrakopoulos, TRGA
Essay Mulubrhan, TRGA
Naby Bangoura, TRGA