Rowing update – Roundhay park

Over the last few weeks, we have had 26 students from year 7 and 8 across the trust join us at Roundhay park on a Saturday for an on-water rowing session. Please see update from Helena and Darren below.

The 26 students were selected based on their performance at BRIC and NJIRC, as well as attendance, behaviour, and attitude in extra curricular. For most, this was the first time they had been on the water and already excellent progress has been made. We have had students row in singles, doubles and quad boats, demonstrating great team work and patience with one another.

This group of students will be our first new competitive squad for GORSE come September and we can’t wait to watch them progress in the sport. Below is the list of students who have attended these sessions:

BA – Libby Chadwick, Ellie Whittington, Teagan Brown, Rocco Grinhaff
BSA – Will Warren, Dom Johnson, Bronwyn Scott, Ellie McFadden, Jessica McQuattie, Amelia Corby, Phoebe Wheldon
JSA – Mason Beck-Wombwell, Layla McMonagle-Dunn, Amber Rolfe, Tyler Price
TMA – Eliza Wright, Zach Nuthall, Lucy Kilbride, George Ridge
TFA – Ryan Atkins, Jamie Ford, Alexia Kaize
TRGA – Treasure Idahosa, Noel Acheampong, Divyansh Singh, Skye Taylor