Volleyball League

As you are aware this year kicked off the first season of The Gorse Volleyball League for primaries! It really has been amazing to see our primary students involved in the volleyball programme and setting the standard for all secondary academies. Please see write up below from Elaine and photos attached.

What a great year! It was fantastic to see students motivated and working towards a common goal when attending extracurricular club, and amazing to hear the buzz among the students during PE, tasters and matches.

Students have learnt how to be good sports and to show respect for their peers and opponents through competitions. The level of play and understanding of rules has been improving each round, and with this experience under their belts, we can expect our primary players to be exemplary leaders in secondary academies.

It came down to the very last match as Ryecroft and Hillcrest were tied for first place, but Ryecroft pulled together and gave a spectacular team performance to take the win and secure their place as the first league champions! CONGRATULATIONS on the title and very well done to Hillcrest who had been the frontrunners all season! Also, thank you, Holly, for doing a fantastic job with our primary students this year at extracurricular clubs! Students have been thrilled to work with an England player and have been inspired to hopefully follow in your footsteps one day.


Teams Wins Losses Rankings
Ryecroft 9 3 1
Hillcrest 8 4 2
Richmond Hill 5 7 3
Morely Newlands 2 10 4


We are now looking forward to the volleyball GG event on 13/06 at MNA! Hope to see you all there!