Karate grading March 2022

On Monday the 14th we held our second grading event of the year at The Stephen Longfellow Academy. In the event we saw a total of 60 students from across all 6 secondary academies come together to grade for their next belt in Karate. At the grading we saw a very high standard performed by our students which was highly commended by our guest instructors who assisted with the grading. Amongst those grading for a higher belt, we had 11 students who have taken their first grading and therefore started their journey toward becoming a black belt. We also have 7 students who are on track to complete their black belt in karate next year.
Please see the list of students who have graded below.
Abina TFA 8th
Aisha TRGA 8th
Aisha TRGA 8th
Alisina TRGA 8th
Amina TRGA 8th
Aurora TRGA 8th
Bogdan TRGA 8th
Leona TRGA 8th
Likitha TRGA 8th
Praise TRGA 8th
Saanvi TRGA 8th
Archie BA 7th
Holly BA 7th
Jack BA 7th
Owen BA 7th
Alex BSA 7th
Annabelle BSA 7th
Rebeckah BSA 7th
Riley BSA 7th
Sophie BSA 7th
Am JSA 7th
Oliver JSA 7th
Leylan TFA 7th
Charlie TMA 7th
Charlie TMA 7th
Harry TMA 7th
Mia TMA 7th
Poon TMA 7th
Ruby TMA 7th
Yazmin TMA 7th
Aadrika TRGA 7th
Abdullah TRGA 7th
Arin TRGA 7th
Charlie TRGA 7th
Portia TRGA 7th
Rayhaan TRGA 7th
Sophie TRGA 7th
Sinea BA 6th
George BSA 6th
Harry BSA 6th
Hollie BSA 6th
Jack BSA 6th
Neve BSA 6th
Will BSA 6th
Rhianna TFA 6th
Reece TMA 6th
Ameen TRGA 6th
Poppy BSA 5th
Amy TMA 5th
Anya TMA 5th
Lilly TRGA 5th
Rachel TRGA 5th
Sadiq TRGA 5th
Filip TRGA 4th
Paige BSA 3rd
Jade TRGA 3rd
Lucy TRGA 3rd
Mariama TRGA 3rd
Jack BA 2nd
Konrad EHC 1st