Sparring fixture – Boston Spa Academy vs John Smeaton Academy

On Tuesday the 8th of February we saw the first GORSE Karate fixture in over two years. This event was marked with a spectacular display of fighting from both academies. It was especially fantastic to see John Smeaton students so keen to be involved, having only joined the karate programme in September.

Students from both academies put on an amazing display of both technique and control. For several of our students this event was their first-time sparring, regardless of this, they showed great ability and determination. In this event we witnessed some of our students compete in grade 2 sparring for the first time, grade 2 is significantly faster paced than grade 1 and includes much more technical strikes.


Grade 1 fights


William 4 – 0 Oscar

Hollie 5 – 1 Jessica

George 3 – 2 Zack

Paige7 – 4 Kaci (AET)

Jack 1 – 3 Claudio

Alice 4 – 0 Jessica 

Grade 2 fights


William 7 – 9 Daniel (AET)

George 5 – 3 Theo

The standout fight of the evening was the grade 2 fight between William (BSA) and Daniel (JSA). Both students went back and forth throughout the fight. The students were on even points after 90 seconds sending them into an additional 30 seconds of fighting, William lead the fight 7-6 as they entered the last 5 seconds, at this point Daniel landed a well-timed jumping roundhouse kick to the body scoring 3 points just before the bell rang.

I am personally extremely proud of all those who competed and a big congratulations to the Boston Spa Team who won the fixture 6-2.