West Yorkshire Championship 21st November 2021

On Sunday 21st of November, 17 students from across the Trust competed at the West Yorkshire Karate Championships in Wakefield. This was the first competition in nearly two years for our Karate club and for many of the students, their first experience of a Karate competition.

All 17 students showed amazing sportsmanship both on and off the mats. They were all very humble and respectful in victory and defeat. It was fantastic to see students from across different academies coming together and working so well as a team.  A special mention must go to our Elliott Hudson students who acted as fantastic role models all day and offered great support to our younger competitors. They helped others (including students from outside the trust) without any prompting, which is the culture we are working hard to create across all of the ‘BIG 3’.

While at the event, we received some very positive feedback from other karate clubs.
“I am impressed with the turnout, achievement and also the fact that the team has increased the age demographic for the tournament over the past 2 years.” This is extremely important feedback as we are proving to be a standout club that is giving back to the karate community.

Overall, the day was a huge success, in what is still, very much the start of our sparring programme.

Please see below the students who attended from each academy and their successes.


1st Place
Paige BSA
Daisy TFA
Farai EHC
Jack EHC


2nd Place
Mariama TRGA
Alex JSA
Kacper EHC
Hollie EHC
Jamie EHC


3rd Place
William BSA
Thomas EHC

Other competitors
Jack BA – Jack fought extremely well in a very tough category with a very good performance to win the first fight.

Sinea BA – This was Sinea’s first competition, she fought extremely well against a tough competitor who went on to take 3rd in the category.

Daniel JSA – Daniel drew the shortest straw and was placed against the tallest competitor in the first round. He fought well for his first competition.

Theo JSA – Theo had a really close fight with Alex from JSA where both competitors did well for their first competition.

Filip TRGA – Filip did really well for his first competition in a category with some extremely tall competitors, unfortunately the height advantage was too much on the day.

Jade TRGA – Jade did really well in a tough category filled with talented students including Mariama and Paige.

We are very hopeful that we will have more students ready to compete in the next Championships and will have a full representation from all academies.