Leeds VC is Recruiting New Players!

Fancy representing Leeds? The Leeds Gorse Volleyball Club is recruiting and training up new players for the 2021-2022 season!

Partnered with The Gorse Volleyball Club, the city club is primarily run out of The Ruth Gorse Academy in Leeds City Centre. There are four adult men’s teams with the top team competing in the top division, Super League, four women’s teams, boys’ and girls’ junior teams and even sessions for beginners.

All ages and abilities are welcome, and new players will be placed into sessions and/or teams that match their skill level and potential. There are pathways to train and compete at progressively higher levels each season, become a coach or even a referee.

Gorse students who commit to joining a team tend to progress quickly and go on to play regional and even national tournaments across England. Additionally, junior players often go on to play at University, senior teams and sometimes even England Cadets and professional talent pathways!

The Leeds Club also hosts beach volleyball training camps and the biggest volleyball tournament in England each summer at Bridlington Beach. There is also an annual junior tournament open to ages 11-17.
Training is free for Gorse students, but due to COVID-19 guidelines, all players must register and book their place for each session. To register, new player or parents should get in touch with The Leeds Gorse Volleyball Club through one of the following platforms:

Website: http://www.leedsvolleyball.org.uk/contact-us.html

Twitter: @LeedsVolleyball
Instagram: @leeds_volleyball
Email: [email protected]