Lockdown training

From December to April, we offered online Kata coaching to GORSE students, whether they trained with GORSE Karate previously or wanted to try it out for the first time.

The delivery of these sessions proved to be difficult with students not having access to their cameras, this meant that our coach had to break down every single move in each Kata. I can certainly say that he learnt a lot about his delivery of Karate.

Throughout this time, we had some extremely dedicated students who attended most sessions. As well as these students, we had Amy from The Morley Academy. Amy attended every session without fail, including the session we ran over half term. Amy would always answer the questions asked by the coach and was keen to learn more each week. Now that Karate is running in extra-curricular, Amy has joined in the sessions at The Morley Academy, and she is improving every week. Amy is currently working towards her first grading in Karate which she will hopefully achieve before the end of the summer term.

Amy said, “The online session was a good opportunity to keep active whilst we had to stay at home, I could always ask for help during the session and out of the sessions. It’s much better at extra-curricular in school because I can interact with other students during the session. My target for this term is to achieve my red belt in Karate.”