This story shares how the GORSE Gets Healthy programme has made an impact on one student’s life, and has opened the door for a new outlook on sport, lifestyle and making supportive friends.


What inspired me to participate in more sports?

I started making changes to my diet and weekly exercise following an assembly led by Miss Rhodes. The assembly was about being more proactive in everyday life and stepping outside your comfort zone to try new sports and healthy foods. It not only helped me realise the importance of exercise and nutrition but displayed the monumental benefits of living a healthier lifestyle.

How did I get into volleyball?

I was always intrigued by the sport of volleyball, so I started to attend the extra-curricular volleyball club that ran on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. At first, I had very little knowledge of the sport and limited skills, but I didn’t let this get in my way. I commited to volleyball and utilised every session available within school to develop myself as a player.

After working on my craft for a few months, I grew a strong passion for the sport and began to value the work that goes into learning new skills. I also improved my diet by swapping unnecessary sugary foods with fruit and vegetables. My new and improved lifestyle meant that I had higher energy levels throughout the day and a more focused and determined mindset to achieve greatness. It also enhanced my academic progress as I managed to attain higher grades across my subjects.

Leeds Volleyball club

I was first introduced to the Leeds Volleyball coaches through regular PE lessons at school and the after school club. I was noticed by one of the coaches and they recommended that I should start attending the Friday social sessions that were run by Leeds Volleyball Club. The social session allowed me to socialise with people who shared the same passion for volleyball as I did.

I attended after school sessions and the Friday social session every week, this way I was improving at a quicker rate and adjusting to a more professional atmosphere.

The Friday social session is open up to everyone, from beginners (6-7pm) to advanced players (7-9pm), it’s a great way to learn new skills and make more friends!


By this point, I was training 7 hours a week to make sure I reached my full potential. I used every session available to me both in school and Leeds Volleyball Club to practise with the hopes of joining a team in the near future. So, when I finally got the opportunity to compete with the Leeds U15s team, I was overwhelmed with joy.

I am now looking forward to competing at the semi-finals of the National Volleyball Championships and I will continue to train with my team every week to ensure that I am constantly developing my skills as there is a lot of space for improvement.

It’s NEVER too late!

It’s never too late to get involved, try out different sports to see what you’re capable of. Resilience and determination can take you anywhere, and I know that for a fact!

You don’t have to excel at a sport in order to play and enjoy it. Get involved now by attending extra-curricular activities, signing up for house competitions and actively participating in sporting events.